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              Welcome to HongRun DRYER

          ?Total Customer Focus
          Every aspect of our business is focused on meeting the needs of customers who have a variety of jobs to do. We maintain a highly diversified fleet and wide-ranging product mix with a low-age profile and unsurpassed reliability.
          You can depend on us to provide a variety of value-added customer services, including 24-hour accessibility to account information; online resources for quotes and reservations; and extensive safety training.

          ?Hongrun Machinery Factory of Gongyi City is specialized in the production of full set of drying equipment, including sawdust dryer, chicken manure dryer, oil palm drying production line, slime dryer, mineral powder dryer, lignite dryer, gypsum dryer, fertilizer production line etc. We owns the core technology system of dehydration, thermal combustion, drying and dust removal. Hongrun overcame a series of industry problems to optimize the combination of different materials, so our products has a good performance in the coal washing industry, the beer distillage treatment, waste desulfurization gypsum, fly ash treatment&recycling and other fields. We have advanced information management and efficient management system. We also hired excellent employees, invest for the advanced equipment and deepen cooperation with foreign counterparts and research institutions. As a result, Hongrun is getting stronger and wons reputation and trust  among our customers and clients.

          ?Service Team
          Our factory has a service team with rich experiences, skillful techniques and a blameless sales service network. Before customers purchase our products, we will send our engineers to design reasonable flow charts. After the purchase, we will bring back our professional engineers to guide and install the equipment and take trial run.  

          ?Our Services
          1. Supply of new drying equipment and accessories with high quality
          2. Data sheet and product pictures – available on the complete range of Hongrun Machinery
          3. Supply of dryers from other selected manufacturers
          4. Bespoke design of systems to suit specific drying needs
          5. Complete Aftersales support – with professional instruction for mount and installation
          6. Servicing for all our sold products
          7. Supply of manuals and safety labels for Hongrun equipment
          8. 24-hour hot line at your service
          9. Follow our Facebook&Twitter for further communication and new information
          10. Online personnel trainning course  

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