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              Welcome to HongRun DRYER

          Hongrun Machinery Factory of Gongyi City is located in a historical and cultural city, Gongyi, which is a machinery industrial centre. 
          Hongrun Machinery Factory of Gongyi City is a skill-intensive and high-tech enterprise with technology development,
          which is also regarded as brilliant pearls of the domestic dryer machine industry.  

          Hongrun Machinery Factory of Gongyi City  is specialized in the production of full set of drying equipment, including sawdust dryer, chicken manure dryer, oil palm drying production line, slime dryer, mineral powder dryer, lignite dryer, gypsum dryer, fertilizer production line etc. We owns the core technology system of dehydration, thermal combustion, drying and dust removal. Hongrun overcame a series of industry problems to optimize the combination of different materials, so our products has a good performance in the coal washing industry, the beer distillage treatment, waste desulfurization gypsum, fly ash treatment&recycling and other fields. We have advanced information management and efficient management system. We also hired excellent employees, invest for the advanced equipment and deepen cooperation with foreign counterparts and research institutions. As a result, Hongrun is getting stronger and wons reputation and trust  among our customers and clients.

          The staff in Hongrun depends on policy ideas of "Science and technology innovation" and "Professional practicality". Our staff is 
          doing all kinds technology research arduously according to a series of industry problem aiming at creating a huge economic value 
          and social benefits for our customers and society. Through constant efforts for several years, our factory has grown into 
          a collective company which integrates scientific research, production and marketing. Our factory is specialized in all kinds of dryers, 
          such as sawdust dryer, chicken manure dryer, palm fiber dryer, coconut fiber dryer,coal dryer, sand dryer, charcoal briquette dryer,
          rotary dryer, three-cylinder dryer, vertical dryer, mesh belt dryer etc. 

          At present ,the products in our place is making a outstanding achievement on coal carbon washing industry, comprehensive utilization 
          of coal slim drying mention mass, comprehensive treatment and utilization of breweries bad fluid. Science and technology as guide, 
          constantly develop new products, improve product quality and perfect after-sales service. 

          Our company pays great attention to international technical communication and cooperation, adopts advanced technology and 
          drying equipment from the Germany, Australia and other countries, and establishes hundreds of advanced production lines. 
          Our company also pays attention to the research of the latest products and technology.  

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